Dahi Divine

“I'm just tryna feel love... from all my people while I'm planted up under the sun.”

Planted is a project where I involved many of my fellow musicians and artists as features and collaborators on my mixtape.

Planted is the perfect blend of hip-hop and jazz with live instruments and live saxophone on every track of the album.

The album was inspired by my life experiences on the Philadelphia music scene.

Recording the album was a very unique process. Vocals were recorded pre-COVID. Then my longtime friend and band member Khary Shaheed laid down drums and Rhodes. Next jazz pianist and producer extraordinaire, Javier Santiago helped me further produce the record adding keyboards, key bass, and various sounds. The rest of my band includes JoJo Streater on trumpet and Russell Gellman on guitar. They filled out the sound. PLANTED provided me an opportunity to create a project where everybody in my band would always have a specific part when we play live.

Featured on the album are Destiny X, Gabriel Wolf, Jo River, Jordan Brown, One Take Dave, Shae Davis, Tatiana Figueroa and Victor Jernigan.

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