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  1. Thinking

From the recording Thinking

Dahi Divine, tenor sax
Eliott Bild, trumpet
Javier Santiago, piano


And though I don't squeeze no triggers
Never really had to whip no pigeons
For me to get this chicken
To each is own so our paths seem different
Just know you still my nigga
We all striving just to fight that pressure

They gave me the vibe so I could sound so special
Been working so hard so I can be that blessing
And while we alive you only learn hard lessons
Trying so hard but we live life desperate
So fill that Smith and Wesson
Another op go stretch him
Dump on all these niggas that talk reckless
So be it

The picture painted for niggas demeaning
Never see actions it's only demeanor
Undermine your achievements
The Media make a nigga madeah
From different worlds
Tell me what you believe in

I don't agree oh so now I'm a heathen
Say what you want but you'll never mislead me
A 85er don't gotta believe it
My brethren only poor righteous teachers
Hella black is our features
History keep repeating
Baby run to you preacher
But don't let these demons deceive you

And all I need in this life of sin
is to get this win for all my kin
No need to work for him
clear water waves
Where I'm gon swim
That's wit all my friends
In a place that darkens complexions

Never again is we gon have questions
Cuz we gon eat now with fruit in abundance
Build it wit knowledge now its born again
You get that math man
can you comprehend
This world bout to end so just ask when
The wise men told me nigga count to ten
Gotta be sturdy foreal

See now it's time for me to press the issue
I done lost too many of my kinfolk
Poppa said when niggas dump you get low
Fuck the world I'm dumping out the window
I ain't bout to run from all my struggles
I am on some shit I'm bout to bubble
Sleepy hot like pavement in the summer
Baby let the funk just take you under
Need to take a breath and fill my lungs
Got some niggas that'll put you under
I ain't choose my niggas but I love ‘em
So what up

Spoken Word

The soul
the unlimited activity of the mind and the grandeur of imagination.
The mind being the engine for building and expansion
Life energy being the essence of God
So we as free thinking alive supreme beings must live a righteous path
to return to our essence
Understand our purpose
To perpetuate life love peace and happiness